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We are a team of young and passionate people, who love creating beautiful websites and softwares.

You would really love us the way we work, Need assistance or any digital service? Don't worry, We have got you covered.

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Our Services

Website Design

The Internet today has become the most important platform for promoting and selling products and services. A well developed and established website with which people could browse through is recommended, Why the wait now? Let's get started with your own website today at Codegency.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing plays an important role in today's world. When we have a need to promote our products or services online, Social Media and Search Engine Optimization these are the platforms and services you would require to get started.


When we are not able to visualize how our business should be presented or branded out, A logo is the most fundamental for any business or service organization. We make it possible at Codegency when it comes to logo design or business cards.

Software Applications

Professionally Crafted Web and Desktop Applications for Online Shopping, ERP Systems, CRM Systems and much more to manage your business at an unbelievable rates! Yes!, that’s what we at Codegency would provide you with.

Computer Maintenance

Hardware issues? Need for any softwares? Got a virus or malware? We have your back... A computer professional is what you need to get your PC or Laptop fixed. You have it at Codegency

CS/IT Tutorials & Projects

We guide and train our students in a way that they score the best of marks in their final year college exams. We provide and explain the project application in depth from scratch so that every student gets a practical know-how on the working and technicality details of the project.

Our Expertise

We stay on top of our industry by being experts in yours.